Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thanksgiving weekend

I realize now I am horrible at remembering to take pictures. I pledge to do better this Christmas holiday so Beckham can have a properly documented 1st Christmas. You know you are bad when you have to raid your SIL's blog for pics (thanks Cara!)

We spent Thanksgiving up in Virginia. We had a great time feasting and enjoying family. Here are the few pics I have of the weekend.

 Asher loved spending time with his cousins.
 We even got to celebrate Grandpa's birthday
 More cousin time.
 Many, many hours playing the Gears of War board game

 Gratuitous Beckham pictures 
Tractor rides with cousins and Grandpa.

And lastly a fantastic video of Asher "playing" Just Dance with Alexa and Jacqueline. I can't get enough of the adorableness. 

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

my froggies

Prepare for overload on adorable froggies. I couldn't help myself!