Monday, March 27, 2006

Spaghetti Dinner

Yesterday after church I made spaghetti for dinner. I made a lot. And I mean a lot! I made a whole package of spaghetti noodles. Yes, I realize there were only two of us eating, but Quinn said he could eat a lot. He came in and piled his plate high with spaghetti. Seriously, there were pounds of spaghetti on his plate. He destroyed it. I couldn't believe that he ate it all, let alone how fast he ate it. This eating fest reminded me how sad I was once again that I don't have a digital camera. Otherwise I would have snapped a before and after shot for all of you to behold the feeding frenzy that occurred yesterday. But this has pretty much inspired me to begin a serious pursuit of purchasing a digital camera.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Crisis Averted

I know you have all been dying for an update on my wedding dress fiasco. Wednesday I met with the most darling lady. Her name is Nancy Barrus. She felt so bad for me and rearranged her schedule to help me out. I'm very grateful to her. Her website is as follows:

Nancy Barrus Couture

Check out some of her creations. She is amazing. Some of her stuff is a little outdated (she has been doing this for 25+ years) but she has such a passion for what she does. She has the most gorgeous fabrics on hand and seemed absolutely excited about certain design elements of my dress. Anyway, I'm just really excited I was able to find her and that she could squeeze me in.

Also, many thanks to Kristen and Lindsay for being my moral support during this crisis. I could have never decided on a fabric without you guys! I might have ended up going with the silk taffeta and then I would have looked like I was attending my prom, not to mention all the noise I would have made while walking :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Celebrity Look-a-likes

This morning on I ran across a new link that everyone needs to go check out asap. I'm positive it will provide hours of entertainment for all.

This website allows you to upload a picture of yourself and then using face recognition software they tell which celebrity you most closely resemble. Obviously, I scanned in a picture of Quinn and I immediately to find out which celebrities we most look like. Here are the results:

Quinn's top 3 celebrity look-a-likes:

1. Tommy Lee Jones
2. Senator Barack Obama
3. Saul Bellow

Honorable mentions: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Matt Damon and Josh Hartnett

My top 3 celebrity look-a-likes:

1. Drew Barrymore
2. Charlize Theron ( I wish!)
3. Lisa Marie Presley

Honorable mentions: Holly Hunter, Sofia Coppola (ouch!), Kate Hudson and Warnuch Wongsawan (who?)


Monday, March 20, 2006

I need help. Big time. This Saturday I went to my dress fitting. Now I was already a little scared of going, because what it the dress looked horrible. While the quality of work was fine, I was sorely disappointed in the dress. I had brought in a few pictures of the dress to make sure I had all my bases covered. Apparently, the lady was working off of just one. In the one she choose to use, one doesn't have a good view of the waistline. So she sort of just made it up, if you will. She had the waist sitting right at my natural waist. Let's be serious, who is that flattering on?? I don't care if you are Twiggy, a high waist line coupled with a poofy gathered skirt is still going to make you look huge. So needless to say, I looked like a huge hideous white marshmallow. The dress was suppose to have a drop waist. The seamstress is more than happy to remake the top but needs more material. The hard part is that the lace store where we bought the material has since gone out of business. So my dilemma is this: Do I spend many man hours trying to track down the owner of the store so she can tell me the manufacturer of the material, so I can purchase more, or do I buy all new fabric and have the dress completely remade (the seamstress seemed less than thrilled with this possibility), or do I divert my valuable man hours to scouring all stores in hopes of trying to find a dress that I love??? I'm truly at a loss. A call goes out to all of those ladies who have seen the dress that I'm after. If you see anything similar at stores around here, please let me know. Even if it is long. I can hack of the bottom and modify it so it fits with my vision. Any help at all is welcome!

Friday, March 17, 2006


Apparently, I'm a bit of a Tin Man. The printer called me yesterday to discuss a problem with the invitations. They have to print the inserts on a different press as the invitation so they couldn't get the color to match up exactly. I had to go in and discuss alternatives with him. He was suppose to have the invitations done by today. But alas his father died. Now let me explain, lest you think I’m truly cruel and void of all feeling. My printer is an older gentleman, so I would imagine his father was quite up there in age and this probably wasn't the biggest shock when he passed away. But now, I won't get my invitations until late next week because he left out of town today to attend the funeral and will be gone all week.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend Update

Yes, Lacy, I believe I did steal this title from a previous blog post of yours. Oh well. First, thanks to everyone who expressed an opinion on our pictures. We never expected such a response. The winner will be announced when you receive the invitaiton in the mail. Let's recap the weekend, shall we?

We headed up to SLC to attend a Utah Blaze AFL game in honor of Quinn's upcoming birthday. It was a lot of fun. Arena football was a lot more exciting than I thought it would be. I would definitely recommend it. It was definitely worth it.

I took one for the team and ate at Wingers. I was actually quite surprised by the experience. I finally had something at Wingers that I thought tasted good.

Happy Birthday Quinn!

Quinn turned 25. Now everyday he lives he is closer to 30 than he is to 20. Someone told me that the day I turned 25 and I was not happy at all with this realization. However, Quinn seems unfazed by it. I made Quinn a delicious (if I do say so myself) birthday dinner and then we had people over for a little party complete with a Transformers cake.I wish I had a real picture to post, but alas the person I asked to bring the digital camera, and the person I asked to be the back-up and bring a digital camera in case the first person forgot, both forgot to bring their digital cameras, so you will have to wait for me to finish my roll of film and get it developed before you can see the cake. It was a miracle we had the cake in the first place. I had to trek all the way out to American Fork to pick it up in some sort of blizzard. And then I ended up locking my keys in my car with the car running outside of the cake lady's house. I had to call American Fork police to help me out. A very nice officer came out and broke into my car for me.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Vote or Die!

Ok, not really, but I thought I would just borrow a play from Diddy (aka. Sean Combs, Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy) and try to frighten all of you into voting like he did last election.

This weekend Quinn and I were models and had some pictures taken of the two of us. Now, after much discussion and debate we have narrowed it down to two photos. Quinn had the brilliant idea of posting them on the blog and asking for everyone to take a vote to help us decide. So here they are. Keep in mind, they will be touched up a bit. They are in rough form. That little hair fly away that I have in option 1 will be photoshopped right out.

Option #1

Option #2

Let the voting begin!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Making the transition

Let’s conduct a little bit of a survey, shall we? But you will need background information first. The other day, Quinn and I were at Brick Oven eating lunch. Obviously, I had the pasta bar with the homemade black pepper fettuccinne. Anyway, we got discussing, as we often do, the changing of my last name. I’m very excited to become Devry DelHoyo because I love the alliteration of it all and think it sounds very cool. But I was telling him, that it will be the switching of the signature that is going to be incredibly hard. So we sat at Brick Oven and he made me practice signing my soon-to-be new name many times. I have this problem that for the last 27+ years of my life, I have signed Devry Arnett and the y and the A are basically melded together in my signature. See picture below.

Anywho, it is practically impossible for me to just move from a y/D combination. About 8 times out of 10, I go automatically into a y/A combination. I told Quinn that I should just pick a symbol and have that be my signature (thanks Steph for the idea!). So how hard was it for all you married ladies out there to change your signature? And Dana, I would especially love to hear your thoughts on it, since pretty much after 5+ years of marriage I’m pretty sure you still sign Dana Arnett and not Dana Brijs. Oops! Did I just out you to your husband!?!?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Wonders of Steam

I think steam has been underappreciated. I know that I haven't fully appreciated all it can do until recently. The other day Quinn and I went in to the jewelers to have my ring re-sized. While we were there, they cleaned it using some high powered steamer delight. I have to say, the ring looks amazing. Even now, while I sit here typing I am distracted by its glittering ways. I think I need to invest in one of these steaming machines for myself so that I can maintain this look constantly.

We also were able to pick out Quinn's wedding band while we were in the store. He picked out a lovely Tungsten ring with a stone finish in the center and with a beveled edge. I really like it a lot.

Also, I need to solicit some advice. For all those candy lovers out there (and since I know many Arnett's are reading this, I'm talking to you. I think Lindsay said it best on Monday night when she said her favorite food is candy), what are some delicious pink candies (preferably wrapped) ???