Thursday, December 28, 2006

We're back

We got back yesterday from our Christmas trip to Virginia. I know everyone is dying to know all the details of the trip, so I will do my best to oblige.

Day 1: Arrived in Virginia. Unfortunately, as the trip progressed I started to feel sicker and sicker. My ear was bothering me somewhat on the flight...a foreshadowing of things to come. By the time we got to my In-laws house I was full-fledged sick and could do nothing but lay down. Not exactly the way I was hoping to start the trip. Everyone was over for dinner and a birthday party for my nephew, Tyson. I only wish I was more in the partying mood.

Day 2: Still sick. Really I slept most of the day. I have no idea what anyone else did, but I'm sure it was fun.

Day 3: The plan was to drive to my sister-in-law's house for a visit. Unfortunately, when I woke up my left ear was completely clogged and I could hear nothing out of it. I realized that I had an ear infection and probably needed an antibiotic. So after an hour on the phone with my insurance company they directed me to what they said was an Urgent Care. In actuality it was an ER. I thought that was a bit of overkill for an ear ache when I knew all I needed was some antibiotics and I would be fine. So Quinn located and urgent care and $150 later I had my prescription.

Day 4: After 24 hours of antibiotics I was feeling much better. So we headed off to the National Air and Space Museum with Quinn's brother Miles, his wife Heather and two of their adorable kids.

Below is a picture of us with our nephew Christian in front of the space shuttle. Very cool.

Day 5: We went ice skating. Well, I should be more accurate. Quinn and I watched everyone ice skate. I still wasn't feeling 100 percent so I figured it would be better to sit this activity out. Instead we watched our niece Ella while her parents skated their hearts out and we sat inside and sipped on hot chocolate.

Day 6: A relaxing day at home making final preparations for Christmas.

Day 7: Christmas Eve. It was a great day. We started off by going to church where my mother-in-law put on church single handily. She spoke in Sacrament, taught Sunday School and was part of the Relief Society program. All of it was amazing and a great way to start Christmas. That evening everyone came over for dinner and festivities. There were performances and a nativity as well as a visit from Santa. I was lucky enough to sit on Santa's lap. I don't have a picture but if my SIL Heather would be so kind to send it to me I could post for all to enjoy. Thanks Heather!

Day 8: Christmas morning. Quinn and I joined our nieces and nephew around 7:30 and then ate cinnamon rolls and began unwrapping gifts. It was so much fun. Quinn surprised me with my very own digital camera. Yes it is true! I finally have one. I'm so excited. So now my blog will be updated with pictures! Later that day everyone came over again and we had dinner and opened more gifts.

Day 9: My mother-in-law took Quinn and I to old town Alexandria. It was full of cute old colonial houses and cobblestone streets. We walked up and down old town, did some window shopping and ate lunch. Very fun. Below is a picture of Quinn and I on the cobblestone street. By the way, this picture was taken with my very own camera!!!

Day 10: Had to wake up at 3 am to catch 6 am flight back to Utah. But we made it.

Now we begin the preparations for the move to Dallas. Should be exciting.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

You stink. You smell like beef and cheese.

My friend Wendi sent me this. It was so hilarious that I thought I'd try it myself. Here you go.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Apartment Hunting

This has been a lot harder than I thought. Two of the apartment complexes that were recommended to us by the Guildhall ended up being more than I was wanting to pay in rent. The third, was right in our price range. So we left Dallas figuring we would just rent that place. However, I had to go and read reviews of it on and turns out they recently had a huge rat infestation. I've been freaking myself out about it ever since. I made Quinn call the property yesterday and grill them for a long time. They assured him they had taken care of the problem and that the problem was wide spread, not just their complex, but that still didn't relax me. The lady said they had traps around all of the buildings but that she occasionally sees a dead rat in the parking lot. Hello? Occasionally? Dead or alive, once is too much.

So I've been frantically searching for another apartment in our price range. It isn't even that the rat invested apartment is just a little bit cheaper, it is close to $200 dollars less than the other ones we looked at (thanks to a deal made with SMU --hopefully pre-rat infestation).

Yesterday, I thought I had found the solution. I found some great apartments within our price range. But wouldn't you know it, none were available in time for us to move in and be settled for school.

Anywho, so finally it boils down to this. We are going to be renting a very tiny apartment, 650 sq ft and giving that a whirl for a while. It is available when we need it, it is in a great location and oh yeah, the best part is that it isn't infested with rats.

Here is a link to the property if you want to check it out.

Lakeshore at Preston Apartments

Hopefully all will go well. Wish us luck!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

An offer I can't refuse

Friday December 15th was going to be my last day at work. I was very excited about it. However, they made me an offer I can't refuse. It looks like I'll be staying on here for a little bit longer, at least until the beginning of February. How is that going to work, you ask? Well, I'll be flying up to Utah 4 days a week to help finish up a few projects. This really is a great blessing. It will allow Quinn and I to continue to eat while moving to Dallas. I was starting to freak out in true Arnett fashion concerning how long it would take me to find a new job in Dallas and how we would afford to live there. This opportunity will provide a nice buffer and allow me to take my time somewhat in locating new employment. Of course the downside is, that I will have to be working for a few days on our trip to VA, but it shouldn't be too bad.

Another upside is that I'll get to see Lindsay when she comes back from N. Ireland in January. Yea!!


Please, please, please come back to us! I know I've missed you. I'm just hoping this news isn't too good to be true.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Which blogs do you read?

I currently have 19 blogs that I read on an almost daily basis. Most of them are the blogs of friends and families. But a handful of them are more the more established blogs with a wider circulation.

Which blogs do you read on a daily basis? I'm always looking to expand what I read.

A few of my favorites are:

Ross, the intern's blog. This guy just cracks me up.

Obviously, the Lost spoiler blog is a must.

And a blog that is sure to be a favorite for all of you pop culture lovers out there who like me, need to have your finger on the pulse. This is USA Today's Pop Candy blog.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm cold!

It was another fun weekend with many Christmas activities. We didn't do much Friday night because pretty much I was passed out by 9:30, but we did go out to eat at Mimi's Cafe were I branched out and found a new favorite dish---jumbo spinach tortellini with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes in a pesto cream sauce. Saturday morning I went out shopping with my Mom. Quinn stayed home under the pretense of having a headache but I think it was really just an excuse to continue playing Viva Pinatas on the XBox. He is very proud of his garden and all of his pinatas. Unfortunately, we had only borrowed the game for the weekend. So I'm sure he is longing for his pinatas this morning.

Saturday night we trekked up to Salt Lake and met Dana, Ryan and kids for a trip to Temple Square to view the lights. I froze. Seriously, there were points when I couldn't feel my fingers. I think Jaxson said it best when he looked up at me from his stroller and said "Devry, I'm cold!" He is very smart for a almost 2 year old.

But we quickly made our way through the throngs and got into the visitor center to warm up for a bit. Here is a picture of us waiting to go up to the Christus.

The kids sat so quietly and were so well behaved during the little presentation they do up by the Christus.

Sunday was nice and relaxing and I was able to make my favorite Christmas cookie--the lemon filled molasses cookies. Although, I feel slightly ill this morning so maybe I shouldn't have eaten as many as I did. Oh well.

Friday, December 01, 2006

A Holiday Song Book

Obviously I've been listening to nothing but holiday music on my car radio. I'm very grateful to both KOSY 106.5 and Light FM 100. Although I did think it a bit on the ridiculous side that they began playing Christmas music in October. But now that it is post Thanksgiving I'm in the full holiday music swing. For example, this morning Mariah Carey serenaded me on my drive this morning singing her holiday classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You." So what are your favorite holiday songs? Let's discuss.

A few of my favorites are:

Hark the Herald Angels Sing -- some renditions are definitely better than others, but in general, I love this hymn/Christmas carol.

Breath of Heaven -- on Amy Grant's album

Oh, Holy Night -- I'm partial to Celine Dion's version, but then again I'm partial to anything Celine Dion as my Celine sweatshirt and souvenir cup suggests.

Mary, did you know? -- on Clay Aiken's album. I adored it when he sang it live. Yes, I've been to TWO Clay Aiken concerts.

Do you hear what I hear? --I seriously just love this song. I don't have a favorite rendition yet, but I've heard it several times over the last few days and I'm loving it.

Mary's Lullaby --I grew up with my mom and her sisters signing this around the piano every Christmas Eve. I have the sheet music and even though I can't play the piano, I still attempt to play this song at Christmas time because I love it.

The First Noel (the Canon in D arrangement)-- I absolutely fell in love with this arrangement when we sang it in ward choir a few years ago. I wish I could find a good version on CD somewhere. I would buy it immediately.