Tuesday, July 20, 2010

crazy busy

Things have been busy around here. So busy that I never even finished blogging about the 4th up in Virginia. Now so much has happened since that I feel overwhelmed in blogging.

So instead I'll just post some of my favorite pics from the past couple of weeks.

How adorable is my little niece Chloe...I just love this pic

This was our first attempt and making Asher's garden stone, we had to do take two the next day

The fam

Take two, I am happy with the way it turned out

I don't think this one needs an explanation

Chloe and Asher had fun with the hose and Grandpa

My boys

How adorable is this pic? I love how he is looking at his Aunt Cara

Quinn got crazy with the fireworks!

Danny, Stacey and Jax came for a few days to visit as well. We had a blast at the beach. I was going to post post pics of the beach but Stacey just informed me she left her USB adapter in Cleveland...but let me just say Asher was fearless. He loved the ocean. He would run straight at the waves with no fear at all. He loved jumping the waves and playing in the sand. I can't wait to take him back. In other news, Quinn and I spent Saturday at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg with some friends. And had a great time. So fun to be a kid again and ride roller coasters.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

mt. vernon

We drove up to northern Virginia on Friday night. Saturday morning  Vicky, Quinn, Asher and I headed out to Mt. Vernon to see how General George Washington lived. It was beautiful.

Of course we only got one shot with my camera before it died, so the cell phone pics will have to do. I really need to do better about making sure my battery is charged and I have my sd card before I take of on vacation.

Here we are in front of the mansion.

 There was about a 45 minute wait to get inside the mansion, while we waited Asher and Grandma came up with a new drinking method. They poured water into his tray and he drank out of it like it was a trough.

Quinn, Vicky and Asher by a tree that GW planted. I believe it was some sort of poplar.

After the long wait and about to begin the tour.

Asher lasted about five minutes on the tour before Grandma offered to take him outside and let him roam free on the lawn of Mt.Vernon. Isn't the view of the Potomac to die for? I would love to have that view from my back porch.

After we toured the house we visited President Washington's tomb. I loved this tour. He was truly a great man who played such a vital role in our nation's formation.