Monday, February 27, 2006

A Follow Up

I forgot to mention that we spent most of our time on Saturday shopping for centerpieces. I'm at a loss. If anyone has any great ideas on centerpieces as well as where to buy them, please pass them along. I'm thinking either the square vase type thing or a mint julep vase. Thoughts, feelings, reactions? I need to find some good websites to purchase them from to see if I can't acquire them at a discount.

Pink no more

I want Lindsay and Kristen to take note. The blog is no longer pink. Thanks to their suggestion, Quinn got it in his head that he can't have a pink blog. So we sat down and picked a new template yesterday. I think it is slightly ridiculous as one of the wedding colors is pink so it makes sense to have a pink blog. However, I relented and now I have this extremely masculine blue and green template as a blog. Yesterday, I showed Quinn how to log in to the blog and create a post. He no longer has an excuse for not contributing. So if you want to hear from him, email him and harrass him at As Kristen says, he has some pearls to share.

On a side note, my mom, Quinn and I went shopping for wedding stuff on Saturday. We went shopping for about 4 hours and only came away with the boxes for the wedding favors. I've decided that I'm going to try to do as much shopping for the wedding as possible online. But bless Quinn, I think he went to about 5 craft stores, a cake store and a fabric store and had a good attitude about the whole thing. And that is why I am marrying him.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Flashing Lights

I've been in Salt Lake since Tuesday evening attending our developer's conference that I helped organize and plan. Needless to say, it has been an exhausting week so I was very much looking forward to today because the conference ended at noon and then the hell would be over. So this morning, I was cruising along heading back up to down town Salt Lake when I notice a police officer behind me. I was just past the Lindon exit and was going around 70 mph. I thought I was in the clear because 70 mph is not going fast (Dad, it really isn't). I was wrong. He flipped on his lights and pulled me over. I was ticked, especially since there were many cars going just as fast if not faster than me during the commute. I didn't get a ticket, but not before he proceeded to lecture me on how ridiculously fast I was going. I wanted to point out that I was going 70 and not 110 mph. After the whole ordeal was over I got back into moving traffic, where I started going about 70 mph again. To my left I was past by the police officer probably going around 75 mph in the fast lane with many cars in front of him and him not pulling any of them over.

Now this pretty much has nothing to do with the wedding but I thought I would share because I'm still upset about it. It made me late and served no purpose. But in wedding news, I have a dress fitting on Monday. I probably should be starving myself for this, but I have yet to start that. Oh, well. There are still two more fittings to go so maybe I'll miraculously loose weight before the next fitting. Or at least I can hope.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A First Time For Everything

Yesterday, Quinn and I spent the day together. We drove up to Salt Lake and went to the Gateway. Quinn is always saying how he doesn't like spicey food. So he decided to take one for the team and eat at Thaifoon for me.

It was his first encounter with Thai food. Turns out, I think he is up in the night and I have no idea what his idea of spicey food is. I thought our Jeweled Beef dish was quite spicey as it caused my nose to start running, but he said it wasn't as he shoveled it down. I'm glad I've discovered this "I don't like spicey food" thing is all a hoax since Thai, Indian and Mexican foods are my fav. Anyway, we did a little bit of shopping yesterday. We were on a quest to find him some new jeans. We went to the Buckle where we had an extremely helpful sales person help us find him a nice new pair of jeans. But the best part about it, is the whole time she kept on referring to me as Quinn's wife. This is the first time that has ever happened. I think it took both of us by surprise, but we loved it and we can't wait for the day when it is actually true.

Monday, February 13, 2006

We are engaged!

It is official. Some of you we have already told and others of you found out from those who can't keep a secret (That's right Mom, I'm talking about you!) But for the rest of you, this is our official announcement. Friday night, Quinn asked me to marry him and I, of course, said yes.

We will be getting married May 6th, 2006 at 3:00 pm in the Salt Lake Temple.

Below is a picture of my gorgeous ring. Quinn designed it. Of course, he has amazing taste and I am in love with it.

Friday night we had made plans to go to dinner at PF Changs. We had a hefty wait, so we decided to wander around in the mall for a while. Of course, we decided to see if my lovely cousins Lexi and Sydnee were working. Luckily, they both were. So we just started chatting with them. I was talking with Syndee while Quinn and Lexi were scheming. Lexi works at a jewelry store in the mall. While we were there, Quinn told me that we should just buy one of the cheap cubic zirconia rings that were for sale there until we got a real ring. This wasn't exactly thrilling to me. We continued to shop and right before dinner, he insisted we go back and buy one. So, I reluctantly, went back to the store. In the meantime, Quinn had entrusted Lexi with his keys and she had gone out to the car to get the ring. We got back to the store and he told me to pick out whatever ring, I wanted. I noticed immediately the addition to the display case. He asked which one I liked, and I pointed to the ring. Lexi got it out of the case for us and Quinn told me to try it on. As I did, he asked me to marry him. I would be a fool to have not said yes.

Well, I plan on updating the blog as plans for the wedding progress. Comments and suggestions are of course welcome.

We love you all!