Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sick boys

I have had two sick boys for the last few days. Asher seems to be on the mend. Quinn seems to be getting worse. The best part about it is that every time Quinn blows his nose, Asher cries. Quinn will even go to the other room, but it still freaks Asher out and he starts crying.

Quinn has also spent his time at home teaching Asher how to climb stairs. He has picked it up very quickly and is now a semi-pro at climbing the stairs. The good news is that I haven't seem him crawl to the stairs yet, so I think he only thinks they exist if his Dad puts him on them. 

We leave tomorrow evening for Virginia for Asher's first Thanksgiving. I'm excited for time with family and some good food!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

standing tall

This is Asher's new trick.


He is so over crawling. All he wants to do is be standing every second of every day. Pretty much as soon as I put him on the floor he crawls to either me or the couch, pulls himself up and then proceeds to slobber all over me or the couch. Good times.

He also loves taking a shower.

And he loves his new high chair. Yes, we finally had to get him one since he became the Bumbo escape artist.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

family history

Our Sunday School lesson this week was on seeking out your ancestors and doing your part towards your family history. It got me thinking that I should start making my parents tell us stories from their past. Perhaps I may just even get a digital recorder and pester them a bit when I'm back in Utah this winter. I know my Dad will be on board since he is currently obsessed with scanning every last picture we have and creating a digital copy so that we can all have a DVD with all the family photos.

But it also got me thinking about displaying my family tree and wouldn't you know what I saw on Design*Sponge today. They had a link to a very cool site that makes modern genealogy displays, check it out HERE. I'm thinking I would love this one  

or this one