Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter!

We started the day with a breakfast of hash browns, bacon, orange rolls (pillsbury...that is about all I'm up for right now) and juice. Then Asher and Beckham got a peak at what the Easter Bunny left them and Asher once again had so much fun finding all of the hidden eggs.

I bought adorable matching ties for all three men/boys in the family for Easter but with Beckham's late arrival Stake Conference is not in the plans for us today. I think I'll save them for Beckham's blessing day.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

so far

My mom left us this morning. I want to thank her for giving up three weeks of her life to spend with us. The first part we spent having fun by going to lunch, shopping, playing with Asher, going for walks trying to get me to go into labor, etc... She made us dinner, cleaned our house, and so much more. Then she took care of Asher while we were in the hospital. Thanks mom for everything you did for us. We couldn't have done it without you. We love you and miss you already. Luckily we get to see you again in 7 weeks!

We came home from the hospital on Tuesday morning. Asher was excited to see us and triple excited to see the baby. He loves Beckham...probably a little too much. He is constantly wanting to be with him and hold him and squeeze him, etc...

Asher has actually had a little bit of a tough time adjusting to the new baby in the house. His fits and crying spells have increased exponentially. So Thursday afternoon we decided to have a little Easter Egg Hunt for Asher. He moved so quickly from egg to egg that I had a hard time getting a good picture. But he loved it and was absolutely delighted every time he found an egg.

 Beckham has been a great baby so far (knock on wood). He sleeps in the crib and pretty much sleeps all night except for when we feed. I've even had to wake him up a few times to feed him. He is just so sweet and we love him and feel so blessed to have him in our home.

And here are a few random pics just because.

Monday, April 18, 2011

he is here...finally

Beckham Arnett DelHoyo was (finally!!!) born last night Sunday, April 17, 2011. He was one big boy weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz (I blame the extra week) and was 21.5 inches long. 

It was a fast and hard delivery but its over now so all is forgiven. 

Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


We went to lunch today at a Japanese/Thai restaurant. Asher shared my yaki-soba noodles with me. I put some on a plate cut them up and handed him a fork. He wanted nothing to do with the fork. He used chopsticks instead. He was a pro.

He ate almost his entire plate this way. I was so proud!!

On the way home we stopped at CVS where a woman predicted I was going to have the baby today. I hope she is right.

marshall face

My nephew Marshall has a famous face that he always makes. It looks like this:

We've been skype-ing with Marshall a lot this week and Asher has been perfecting his very own Marshall face. All we have to do is say Marshall face and Asher busts this face out:

Friday, April 15, 2011

i wish

Oh how I wish my baby was 5 days old like it says in the widget to the right. But alas, my body hates me and apparently doesn't know how to go into labor.

Thank goodness my mom has been here waiting patiently with me to help keep distracted and play with Asher as much as possible. Unfortunately, I have no pics since my camera is in the hospital bag so I don't forget it...which is something I definitely would do.

I was at the OB again yesterday for a stress test for the baby. Everything is good. My midwife said the baby is just so high, so she recommends that I sit on an exercise/birthing ball as much as possible to open up my pelvis to help the baby drop and hopefully get things started on their own. The only real problem is I have to fight Asher for the ball. He is always trying to push me off of it so he can play with it.

Hopefully something will happen this weekend, if not I go in at 8 am on Monday morning to be induced again.

In other news, my brother and sister-in-law Cameron and Ashley found out they are having a boy yesterday. I'm excited that my baby boy will have at least one matching boy cousin (and possibly two if my other SIL Heather gets her wish)!