Friday, December 10, 2010

five seconds from a nervous breakdown

I have lots to blog our trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving or Quinn's company holiday party or Asher's bout with the croup which kept us indoors and exhausted for five days but I can't bring myself to do any of it since I feel like I am constantly five seconds from a nervous breakdown.

Suddenly Asher has become so defiant. Just the most casual mention of the word "no" sends him into all sorts of hysterics. I just feel like I deal with tantrum after tantrum all day long. Today we had a serious power struggle over lunch and in the end I'm pretty sure he won as he ended up eating lunch on my lap instead of in the high chair. Oh, well, I'll try again tomorrow. I also feel like he has reached a whole new level of destruction not to mention the fact that I'm on Death Watch 2010 as he now pulls a chair to wherever he wants to get to, be it the stove, the knives, etc.. And have I mentioned how many times he has tumbled from these stools yet he is still not deterred??? And to top it all off all I can think of is that in about 4 months I get to add a newborn into the mix. Look for me sometime soon in a mental hospital near you.