Saturday, October 30, 2010

fun friday

Asher and I went with a big group Friday morning to children's animal park called Noah's Landing. Asher was able to feed donkeys, llamas, a zebra, and a yak. He loved it. He just giggled every time they took a carrot from his hand. It was very hands on and he got to pet an alligator, a fox, a pig and an opossum (gross!). He wasn't afraid at all. I didn't get very many pictures because it was pretty chaotic with all the kids but he had a great time.

After the zoo, we raced home for a nap before all the Halloween festivities. I got him dressed in his costume and could hardly stand it. Isn't he the cutest Dracula you have ever seen?

We headed off to Quinn's office for our first Halloween party of the night.

Asher was a hit. It didn't take him long before he caught on to trick-or-treating. After about three offices he was all business.

He moved quickly from office to office.

He did stop long enough to take a picture with me.

After the candy there was a nice party of pizza and Halloween goodies.

Asher got to go down the slide with Daddy.

I left the red-eye in on purpose because I think it makes him look more vampire-ish.

After the work party, we headed out to the ward party. We made it just as they were finishing up the chili cook-off dinner. We had fun going room to room for the carnival. At one point, Asher was just in the middle of the cake walk dancing to the music. Then outside for Trunk-or-Treating. No pictures, but Asher was all business again. After both events, he had quite a haul of candy. 

It was so much fun to see him enjoy Halloween this year. I know next year will be even better!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

state fair

Quinn took the day off of work today and we headed out to the State Fair. Our first stop was the petting zoo. Asher screamed with delight at the animals but wouldn't pet them. 

We had fun walking around and checking out all of the food. Seriously, you could spend forever at the fair just eating. Everything looked so delish.  We played a few games. Quinn missed.

I didn't.

Finally, it was time to eat. Asher started with a corn dog.

I stuck with a lemonade and sweet potato fries. Quinn had the Krispy Kreme burger which is exactly like it sounds.

Can you imagine the calories?

Asher got his hammering on in a toddler section.

He also got his driving on.

We checked out the livestock. Saw tons of cows, pigs, poultry, etc...We saw a lot of prize winning produce, sampled delicious cheese and BBQ sauces and just generally had fun doing fair stuff.  Then it was time for dessert.

Asher really enjoyed his ice cream. Quinn and I shared a funnel cake.

To end the day we took Asher on the carousel. At first he seemed to like it but about half way through he wanted off.  All in all it was a great day at the fair.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

our trip to utah

Asher and I had the most relaxing and delightful time for two and a half weeks while we were in Utah. I was too busy relaxing to blog but did manage to take a few pictures...not many...but some.

We arrived on the Monday after Malllory's birthday. My parents took us all out to dinner. I was too exhausted from traveling that day to take any pictures. But the food was delish and the company was great!

That same week we were able to go to Jaxson's last soccer game. Again no pics but Asher loved it. He cheered his little heart out and tried several times to run onto the field and start playing himself. We were also lucky to see Jaxson score three goals in that game!

That weekend, Ryan, Dana and the kiddies came down for the weekend. Asher discovered Jaxson's truck in the garage and would not stop until he could get in it. He spent a lot of time in that truck while we were there. He loved it.

We were also able to go to Jaxson's school carnival. It was a lot of fun.

Asher loved his balloon.

The next week, Asher and I met Ashley and Holden for Singing Time and Brunch. Quinn and Kurt are convinced that Asher and Holden will be best friends so it was good to get them together.

Unfortunately, this is the best I could do getting them both on camera.

Asher and Jax played so well together. They loved being together.

Asher and I were also able to go to lunch with Elise and Madeline. I had yet to meet Madeline and she is a cutie as you can tell from the picture.

We also had a mini Chambery reunion dinner while I was in town. It was so great to see so many old friends. Both Quinn and I miss our days in Chambery and all of our great friends we made while living there.

(Reid, Angie, Lorena, Mike, Jordan, Mike, Lindsay, Asher)

(Deanna, Beverly, Brooke, Kim, Kaelyn, Collette, James, Chris, Kyle)

Chambery 2.0 (Bailey, Rachael, Macy and Asher)

We were also fortunate to be in town for Stacey's birthday. Asher loved all the candles. Happy Birthday Sister!

I also was able to have lunch with several other great friends including Kim, Cami and Kristen. I also had a lovely dinner with two of my favorite people Kim and Lindsay.  Thank you to everyone who made time to see us while we were there. Thanks to my parents for letting me stay with them and not have to cook or clean and who took care of Asher when I was exhausted. I'm still having baby sickness but it is getting better every day. All in all, it was a great trip and just what I needed.

Our flight home was full of tantrums, canceled flights, flying west before heading east, etc...long and torturous. But we finally made it. We were greeted at the airport with flowers and a giant Thomas the Train balloon. Asher was psyched out of his mind to see his Daddy again. So was I!