Wednesday, June 27, 2012

last vacation

I figured before we leave on our next vacation coming up this week, I better blog about my last vacation (which I know is terribly overdue).

We started off our trip in Gilbert, AZ. We met up with my family and stayed at a lovely home my parents rented for us. Memorial Day Cameron had arranged for us to meet at my grandparents' grave to pay our respects.

Later that night many Arnett's descended on my Uncle Jeff's for his world famous tacos and frozen hot chocolate.

We spent the rest of our trip enjoying ourselves at a water park, getting massages and facials, and eating delicious food.

We packed up and headed back to Utah via Las Vegas.

We pit stopped at the Hoover Dam and took a walk over the ginormous bridge. I thought I would be terrified to be on that thing, but was really fine. I was actually surprised at who was afraid, I won't name names but the name does rhyme with Manny.

We made it to Vegas and since we had built up the whole volcano thing to Asher, we had to see it. I don't have any pictures of it, but he was completely captivated by the show. He had a smile on his face the entire time. Totally worth it.

Once we arrived back to Utah we were busy with the Shepherd family sealing festivities. I was able to attend the temple with Danny and Stacey and had such a great experience with them.

 Then we spent the next days prepping food for 75 people.  Oh and Beckham, Grandpa and I took a trip to the emergency room to stitch up his busted lip. He was such a trooper but I hated seeing him sedated like that. Very freaky! The next day his lip was a bit swollen but he was the same happy baby that he always is!

Then the big day arrived.

 Such a beautiful family and isn't Stacey's dress to die for? I love etsy!

I was so happy to be able to share this day with the Shepherd family!

Quinn flew in toward the end of the week after an exhausting week at E3 in Los Angeles. I was beyond excited to see him and so were the kids. We spent the next few days having fun with family! We made another quick trip back to the ER to have the stitches removed and then said our goodbyes and flew back to Raleigh.

Since we have been home the boys and I have been spending our days at the pool and prepping for a week at the beach. It's a tough life :)


GrandmaNutt said...

You really know how to make the most out of every day, out of every week. And yes, Stacey is beautiful and always will be. See you this weekend.

Mallory Wagner said...

finally. and rhymes with manny? hahaha

KickButtMommy said...

Good thing you made it out West for such a blessed day! They have a beautiful family, and I am so happy for them. Her dress is to die for. yes. Cant wait to see you.