Sunday, September 30, 2012

new york city

Yes, I'm blogging again. Hopefully, this will recharge me.

But  I really do want to share the details of the most amazing girls trip ever!!!

Day 1

I flew into  JFK and waited for Ashley to land. Once we met up we went to go stand in the taxi line and tada! first (ok and only) celebrity sighting.
Ashley did the sneaky picture  thing of Jason Schwartzman.

We headed to the apartment my mom had rented for us. Perfect location, perfect space. I would highly recommend this apartment to anyone going to NYC. About 10 minutes later, everyone else arrived. We unpacked, freshened up and headed out to eat of course!

First meal was at a great little empanada restaurant I had heard about. So good! 

After dinner we walked over to Rockefeller Center and headed to Top of the Rock.

After we headed back home and of course made a stop at Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes, cake and banana   pudding. 

Day 2

 We headed downtown and rode the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.

 We also spent some time at Ellis Island. I won't lie, I've been there several times before so I pretty much sat on a bench while everyone else did the tour. Does that make me a bad person??

Then we had lunch at an Italian restaurant that had a great view of Liberty Island.

We headed back home to freshen up before NEWSIES!!!!
Group shot!

Newsies is AMAZING!!!! If you ever have a chance to see it...DO IT!!! If you are a fan of SYTYCD you would love it as I counted 3 alumni in the show.

Afterwards we met up with my cousin Sydnee and had dinner at the Shake Shack. Stacey claims that Shake Stack burger changed her life.

Day 3

Started the day at the MoMA. I love this Museum. It was such a great way to spend the morning.

Then  we met up with cousin Syd (taking the picture) at Todd English's  Food Hall at the Plaza. Delish! Quinn told me I had to get the risotto tater tots and he was right! So much good food!

Then a pit stop at FAO Schwartz

 Then we headed back to Rockefeller Center to get in line for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

It was so fun to go to a taping. When we got out and started walking to find a place to eat, we got stuck in a downpour with only two umbrellas so we quickly ducked into the nearest diner to eat and wait out the rain.

For dessert we headed to Momofuku's Milkbar for crack pie and cereal milk milk shakes!

 (finally a pic of Syd)

Afterwards, we were able to get one cab in the terrible storm but Stacey, Mal and I tried for about 25 minutes more before finally giving in and taking a pedicab ride of death. Definitely an experience. I'll laugh about it someday, but not yet.

Day 4

Brunch at Norma's at Le Parker Meridien. Go there! Look at the die for. So what if the orange juice alone was 54 was worth it!

 We spent the next few hours walking through Central Park.  

We walked out of the park to go see the temple.

Then we headed back to Times Square. I should mention that we were stopped and asked to stand in the background while they filmed a bit for Extra! but I'm pretty sure our bit got cut from the episode because Lindsay Lohan had to go and hit someone.  Lame!

But then it was time for Wicked!


Then we hurried back downtown to the 9/11 Memorial. It is such a beautiful and sacred place. I look forward to going back one day once the whole thing is finished.

That night we had dinner at a French-Thai restaurant near our apartment. Another meal that did not disappoint!

Day 5

Took the train to Brooklyn to meet up with my college friend/roommate Anna!

Anna and me

Anna took us down to the new Brooklyn promenade with great views of Manhattan.

Then we had lunch at Grimaldi's.

We walked through Brooklyn Heights, had cupcakes at Crumbs and then headed out for our trek over the bridge.

Halfway across.

Then we walked to Chinatown. We had successful sketchy backroom purchases of Chanel and Michael Kors knock off bags.

Next up was the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy. We had yummy Italian Ices and cannolis.

We walked through SoHo and window shopped and then walked some more over to Katz Deli for dinner. 

Day 6

We spent the morning in the West Village and in Washington Square park.

Then we headed to TriBeCa for lunch at The Odeon. Syd works here. We also met up with my other dear cousin Lacy (who was also in town) and her good friend Suzy. The Odeon must love Syd alot because they took really good care of us and sent out a ton of food. I think everyone agreed that it was one of the best meals we've ever had.

After lunch we headed uptown with Syd and Lacy and spent a few hours at the Met.

They had a really cool exhibit on the roof called Cloud City. Very cool

After the Met we said goodbye to Syd and Lacy. My mom and Dana went back to Central Park. The rest of us went to FAO Schwartz to do some shopping. We all met up later and had dinner at a yummy BBQ restaurant.

Day 7

We all got up and packed. We were able to leave our bags at the apartment and went out for some shopping at the Hell's  Kitchen Flea Market. 

I think all of us came away with some great jewelry.

Then we headed back to Empanada Mama's for lunch. Yes we loved it that much. 

After lunch we grabbed our bags, said our goodbyes and headed to the airport.

All of us were delayed for weather leaving  New York. When I finally made it home it was so great to see all  my boys again!

It was a truly fantastic trip. Thanks Mom for a great trip and great memories!

Thanks to Quinn and my wonderful mother-in-law for taking such great care of the boys and letting me have the best week ever!

Also, all pics were taken by Mallory our trip photographer!


GrandmaNutt said...

You and Stacey look so cute scrunched up in the pedicab. Can't wait to hear that story. Your week looks fabulous and the joy you all had is quite evident. Thanks for bringing us along on your NYC adventure through your blog.

Shake Shack said...

Thanks so much for visiting Shake Shack in NYC. Hope you had an awesome trip, and our team can't wait to see you again next time you're in the city!

-Brandy, Shake Shack

KickButtMommy said...

Really Really Really amazing trip. I am so excited that you guys got to go and have such a great time. Not only did you do remarkable things, but you all looked super stylish doing it. Wish us DelHoyo gals would do a trip! Super fun!

Ashley said...

I didn't know you saw Jimmy Fallon. So fun!!

Nettie said...

What an experience! Looks like a fabulous time. When living in NC, we went to the New York City a few times. Great times and very educational! Twin Towers were still up when we were there,.....long time ago. Loved going to Radio City Music Hall to see Rocketts, Rockefellar Center, subway experience was a first, Empire State Building, riding the fairy aross the river, Statue of Liberty, etc., etc. Looked like a fun, fun trip for you all.